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  • I was really looking forward to taking a nibble out of The Bite and their Mediterranean menu. I was staying at a nearby hotel and figured this would make for a good dinner given how nice the venue is and their marketing online.

    Sadly, I was a bit disappointed in my overall experience with their food. I ordered the Vegan Pita Wrap, hummus, and a side of fries. I wasn’t sure what to expect when it came to the vegan wrap as I assumed it would be some type of vegan gyro meat. It ended up being tofu doused in their sauce and included with all their pita wrap fixings. I thought the overall wrap lacked a lot of flavor and could have been so much better. Their included house orange sauce with the pita was tasteless.

    You do get a complimentary hummus with a Yelp check-in so I do appreciate that bonus. However, I found even their hummus to be extremely bland as well. Shoe string fries were served as our side so it wasn’t anything to write home about.

    With my food tasting as it did, I honestly didn’t even finish my meal. I think there is a lot of promise and potential here. They have friendly staff and a nice venue for dining in. But based on what I had that evening, I’m in no rush to take another bite of their food.

  • Something incredibly special has been created at Abanico Coffee. The space is a vibrant and calm escape from busy Mission Street. The mural behind the counter blew me away with its welcoming colors, and the cafe offers tons of natural light. In other words, before you’ve sat down for your cafecito, you know you’ve walked into the right place.

    The staff, as well as the head roaster and owner Ana, are easily the kindest and most welcoming coffee bar team I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. They introduce themselves by name, offer good advice on their specialty drinks, and really seem to care that the experience is good for their customers.

    But what about the coffee? Superb. This cafe is serving up authentic cafecito and other latin coffee drinks with just the right amount of sweetness. Of course, none of that would matter if the beans weren’t of exceptional quality. Luckily, they are! Ana has really mastered the medium-dark roast in a way that produces an immensely textured and flavorful coffee with none of the bitterness. I personally drink light roasts, but find myself enjoying the fuller body and richness of Abanico’s coffee.

    The Mexico Finca San Carlos that they’ve got on now is full of bright jammy fruit flavor, without being acidic or bitter. It’s incredibly well-balanced, sweet, and smooth. You can tell this coffee is roasted with love. Also, a 12 oz bag of freshly roasted beans is very well priced at $15.

    Ultimately, Abanico is a place to sit and stay a while. Sip on something delicious, talk with the very friendly staff, and just enjoy being in such a bright and uplifting space. I cannot recommend this place enough, and I hope you’ll give it a shot next time you’re looking for a cup.

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